OUR Hostels

Welcome to the OUR hostels, the chain of hostels in partnership with the largest regional retail commercial shops. We believe that decent conditions for rest and accommodation is also possible in a provincial Russian hotels. You are in business trip or travel in the Russian provinces? You need a vacation or You discover a Russian province? OUR hostel has created all the conditions, using the latest advances and knowledge in the field of hospitality. Minimalism, simplicity and functionality, what you need on a business trip or on vacation, become Our building blocks in design quality, soundness and practicality of the hotel rooms. Our mini-hotel "inflated" services. Only what you need. For the right price.

Our network consists of mini-hotels located in provincial cities in Lipetsk region. The main target of the project: to revive the system of provincial hotels. While not reviving a stagnant and backwater, but creating a new, modern, in the best traditions of hospitality of Our glorious past!

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